Life lived as an American woman married to a Syrian man in Belgium is never boring. Everyday gives me new insight to a world that is not my own. And as a wife, a mother of 2 little girls and a Christian minister who daily functions in 4 different languages it isn’t going to calm down anytime soon.

My life is busier than I would have ever imagined.  I wear many hats throughout the week and if I wrote a job description for what I do I am not sure many would apply to take it over (maybe not even me!).  As the lone American (for the most part) I find myself in so many amusing situations.  If I had hours and hours to tell my stories I am sure they would make you laugh too (at least a little).  In fact, my husband and I have often joked that I should write a book filled with the cultural stories that have shocked me and made me speechless.  I am sure if I were eloquent enough it would make a best seller list.  We have dreams of this theoretical book turning into a movie and funding our ministry for a life time!  Wouldn’t that just be great!!  No more support letters, no more requests…just work 24/7 (which is kinda what we do right now).  You can decide what actors should play the roles (ha!).

Well, the book may never happen, but the blog can.  I will dare to tell some of my amusing stories.  I will share some heartaches of the work…some joy in the fruitfulness.  I will protect the names of the ones I know and love here since their stories could often place them in dangerous situations.  But I hope you enjoy the read when you can visit.

…this is where I am, what I need and what I have learned…and I share it with you.

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  1. Hi, Janee! I came across your blog through Kim Wyatt’s FB post. I am delighted to have connected with your blog after writing about you for CBF missions resources as a contract writer several years ago. I’d love to connect with you about reposting some of your posts for our community blog called http://www.ministryandmotherhood.com here at wordpress. When you get a chance, I’d especially like to touch base about a new series on “Welcoming the Other.” In the meantime, praying for you, your family, and the vital work you are doing . . . Blessings!
    –Alicia Davis Porterfield

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